otelcon provides consultative assistance in developing or expanding networks and telecommunications equipment; participates in technical and economic evaluations of response to requests for bid proposals.

otelcon assists their customers in developing cost-effective voice and data networks by means of alternatives in routing and geographical structuring and resolving problems involving telecommunications equipment and / or service.

A serious service is to manage the planning, acquisition and implementation of voice and data telecommunications with widely dispersed facilities and to establish vendor contacts to determine current technical developments. This also contains professional maintenance services for carrier networks in Germany.

otelcon also maintains an appropriate inventory of equipment and are able to perform other related work as assigned.



We analyze your infrastructure and user profile and demonstrate how your working processes can be further supported. Our first aim is to reach a cost efficient solution.

The infrastructure which you presently use will therefore be the basis of our solution.


We lead and assist you during the installation of modern methods and new instruments of project management and will keep supporting you with continuous improvements.

Your particular objectives determine the form of our cooperation. We can serve you as consultant, coach or project manager for a certain period of time (interim management).


We offer to take care of exactly those tasks which correspond to your requirements. We are competent partners who execute your outsourced projects to your best interest costefficiently and highly effectively.

This provides you with the beneficial side effect of you then being able to concentrate on your company's core business.



project management